Below is a selection of music that I have written for various projects. My studio is geared towards music to picture projects and I am available to write bespoke music for Film, TV, Commercials, Web Media, Corporate Video and Audio-Visual stage productions. To read more about me, see the About Matt page, and for any questions or enquiries Contact Me.

Mother India

Mother India 21st Century Remix

Music from the critically acclaimed International Audio-Visual show ‘MI21’ commissioned by Kala Phool and written in collaboration with DJ Tigerstyle, drummer David Shaw and film editor Josh Ford. Read more about this project here and see the promo video here

Kid Criminals

Music written for the Channel 4 TV Series

A hard hitting documentary looking at some progressive techniques used in the US for treating serious child criminals.

Music for Solo Piano

A little bit of solo piano always goes a long way.

Solo Piano is pretty much a compositional field in itself, regardless of genre and, in my experience, is one of the most asked for musical devices in film

Music for Cello

The atmosphere of Cello and Piano

Some tracks, written for TV, using the classic combination of ‘cello and Piano


Music from the short film

The Complainers

Music written for the Channel 4 series The Complainers

A documentary looking at serial complainers in the UK and their motivations.

Buried Alive

Music written for the documentary film Buried Alive

The score for this documentary film was commissioned by EFJ Film. To read about the music written for this film, check the blog here. You can view the trailer here.


All the music on this page is written by Matt Constantine. You can see more work by Matt Constantine on the home page. Contact Matt by email.