Price List 2019

This list will give a pretty good idea of what charges to expect in a remote cello session. Prices are based on Musician’s Union Rates plus a recording fee (£10/hr included in rates below) and 5% admin fee (included) rounded to the nearest pound. The cost is determined by track usage. Charging is by the hour rather than by the track so recording multiple cues or tracks in a session can be more cost efficient.

I can work from PDF scores or MIDI files, if you need me to write a part or improvise please add an hour to the price per track.

I price commercial releases and Library releases the same per hour

£63 per hour - minimum two hour session for commercial sessions and three hours for library sessions.

Sessions for Video Games are chargeable at the PACT combined use rate scale 4

£80 per hour - minimum 3 hour session

Chargeable at the PACT combined use rate scale 4

£80 per hour - minimum 3 hour session

If cello is a featured solo instrument then the session is chargeable at PACT combined use rate scale 1

£152 per hour - minimum 2 hour session

If cello is a background part (doubling MIDI strings or very low in the mix) then combined use rate scale 4 applies.

£80 per hour - minimum 3 hour session

The following prices are for a 1 hour session. For a full buyout of all rights in all media the cost is £425. For specific licenses prices are below. The lifetime of the recording and license is considered to be 3 years from the date of first broadcast. After 3 years the license must be renewed if the advert is still running.

Single Medium - £145

TV & Radio - £170

TV & Cinema - £156

TV, Radio & Cinema - £183

Recording samples for custom sample libraries is priced at PACT combined use rate scale 1.

£152 per hour - minimum 2 hour session

Sessions for pitches for various shows, computer games or movies can be charged at library music rates. The rate is then increased to the relevant price when the pitch is won (assuming that the recording is used in the final commissioned work).

The studio fee is waived for pitches (unless won) so the fee is £53 per hour - minimum 3 hour session.

What I need for the Session

What I need for the Session

  • A backing track to play to – ideally a mix with and a mix without the part you want recorded. Make sure the audio file starts at the beginning of a bar in your DAW.
  • The project tempo. If there are multiple tempo changes a MIDI tempo map is usually needed. If there are meter changes please put them in the score and/or include them in a MIDI map.
  • A notated score of the part you wish me to play as a PDF file. Please also include a Sibelius file if you have one too. If there is no notated part I can also work from a MIDI file and this can be preferable if you are unsure of how to format a notated part.
  • I record at 24bit 44.1kHz for commercial sessions and 48kHz for all other sessions. Let me know if you want something different.
  • If you have trouble with any of these requirements let me know and I’m happy to assist – not everything is needed in every session.