Remote Cello Lessons

I am now offering cello lessons remotely from my Studio in West London. I have nearly 20 years instrumental teaching experience in Schools including One to One lessons, Group and Class lessons and running local area Ensembles for students at various ability levels.

In addition to this, I am an accomplished performer having performed across the world from Australia to the USA. My cello can also often be heard in Films and TV shows as well as for many different bands and artists.

Online Lessons take place via Zoom and can be booked on the scheduler below. Regular lessons are charged at £19 UK Sterling for 30 minutes and taster lessons are charged at a discounted rate.

Please email ‘lessons(at)’ to enquire about lessons

Some of the things you need for a Remote Online lesson

  • An Instrument – beware of cheap online sold cellos. It is advisable to obtain an instrument from your local luthier.
  • A means to videocall either through a tablet or laptop
  • A music stand
  • A space in which to set up for your online lesson