Price List

Remote Session Price List 2023

This page will give a pretty good idea of what charges to expect in a remote cello session. Prices are based on Musician’s Union Rates plus a remote recording fee

The cost is determined by track usage.

I can work from PDF scores or MIDI files: get in touch if you need me to write a part or improvise.

And if you have any questions – just ask – even if you’re not looking to book a session right now.

      • Video Games: Sessions for Video Games are chargeable at the PACT combined use rate scale 4: £80.31 per hour – minimum 3 hour session plus remote recording fee depending on session length (£75 or £150).  Sessions for individual tracks can also be arranged.
      • Film and TV: Chargeable at the PACT combined use rates – rate scale dependent on the project – please contact for an accurate quote.  Prices start from scale 4: £80.31 per hour plus remote recording fee depending on session length (£75 or £150).
      • Other Medias: For other types of project such as Adverts, Podcasts etc, please contact me for a quote.

What I need for the Session

There are only a few things that I need to get started recording on your tracks, here they are in no particular order:

  • A file of the mix to play to: This is usually a WAV but can be an mp3.  Importantly, the file must start at the beginning of a bar.
  • The guide cello track (optional): It can be useful to have access to the guide part made with a virtual instrument.  Another alternative is to provide full mixes with and without this part.
Remote Cello Sessions
Remote Cello Sessions
  • The cello part: Ideally as a PDF file ready to play.  If you don’t use publishing programs such as Sibelius or Dorico then I can get the part from a MIDI file.  It does take me a little time to extract a part from the MIDI so if it is well quantised and prepared, the prep time will be quicker.  I can and do also write parts and improvise.
  • Track information: The basic attributes of the track such as tempo and meter.  If there are tempo or meter changes in the track please also include a MIDI map of the changes (most DAWs save the MIDI map in any MIDI file you export).
  • Any extra information: If there are any specific instructions that you have for the recording, please let me know!

I like to meet new composers and artists

Get in touch.

Whether you want to discuss string arrangements, remote sessions,

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