I record remote cello sessions from my studio in West London

I’ve also recorded for bands, films, documentaries and adverts. Film and media composers I have recorded for include Henry Lai, Ian Honeyman, Ian Livingstone, James O’Connell, Jerome Leroy, Michael Maidment, Mike Jennings, Peter Linn, Philip Guyler, Romain Paillot, Sarah Warne, Segun Akinola and Thom Robson.

I’ve also performed live at leading UK festivals from Glastonbury, Green Man, Kendal Calling to London Jazz Festival at The Barbican – Played internationally in venues including Sydney Opera House, Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires and Prospect Park in NYC among many other countries.

The cello is recorded in Cubase with an AKG C414 microphone through a Focusrite ISA pre-amp into an RME audio interface in an acoustically treated room.All fees are based on the UK Musician’s Union standard rates and can be viewed here in the price list

At the moment I’m giving away a free kontakt sample library of cello percussion sounds with sessions exclusively for use by my clients and made by me and my cello.

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The Live Room


DJ Tigerstyle

3 times world champion scratch DJ

Matt Constantine is my ‘go-to’ cellist and keyboardist as he is versatile in most music genres and a brilliant classical/experimental producer.

Indy Hunjan

CEO of Kala Phool and Rising Styles

Working with Matt from the outset on our MI21 production has been an absolute pleasure. With Matt’s detail to attention and passion for absolute perfection results in an exceptional collaboration.


Producer Kool G Rap, Sage Francis, Saigon

I’ve worked with Matt for well over 5 years and have him for his exceptional cello and piano playing on tracks I’ve done with the likes of: Kool G Rap, Saigon, Richard Darbyshire.
He has a great ear for music and melodies and he has never let me down and always adds something special and unique to tracks and scores that he has done. I can not thank him and recommend his services highly enough.

Steve Lyon

Producer/Mixer Suzerain, Amplifier, Depeche Mode, Laura Pausini

I have had the privilege of working with Matt on various projects, as Cellist, Strings arranger and programmer. He is always my first choice in those roles with creativity, patience and professionalism in all the projects he is involved with.
I highly recommend Matt as a musician and source of inspiration though his work.